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Top 10 Strengths: 
Responsibility • Arranger • Learner • Belief • Strategic •
Achiever • Futuristic • Individualization • Relator • Self-Assurance

When we are not living our passion, it is easy to become discouraged and removed from our own desires.

My passion is to add value to others and in order to allow me this opportunity I have formed KRSCO.

I have been blessed with a wonderful and diverse professional career, one that has allowed me to grow through the care of many talented and caring leaders.  The experiences and knowledge I have gained, while working in a wide variety of leadership roles, representing multiple industries (business, manufacturing, education, coaching, plus more), have placed me at a point of my life where my passion is to “Pay It Forward”.

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Self and Others—Bring value to self in order to expand value to others.


Self and Others—Develop a passion that allows self and others to embrace transformation for growth and development.


Coming alongside and providing a boost when the mountain is steep in order to ensure the transformation continues to move forward.


Serving from and through the heart for faith, family, and relationships.


Leading with a consistency and intentionality within and beyond our strengths zone.


School District Leader

School Building Leader

K - 12 Classroom Instructor

College Level Adjunct Instructor 

Bachelors Programs

Masters Programs

Doctoral Programs

K - 12 Athletic Director

K - 12 Athletic Coach

Non - Profit Board of Director Member

Small Business Owner

Manufacturing Industry Roles

Vice President of North American Operations

Operational Excellence Chair (Global)

General Manager

Order Fulfillment Manager

Materials Manager

Production Supervision

Inventory Control

Professional Educators Certification

Building Level Leadership Certification

District Level Leadership Certification

Doctorate of Education

Masters of Education

Bachelors of Science - Business Administration

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