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More than 40 years professional experience

My name is Kevin  Smith.

During my career I have had responsibilities for, and been blessed with the development of highly effective skills in such areas as Project Management, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning and Execution, Staff Development, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Leadership and Team Building, Budgeting and Administration, Change Management (Agent of Change), Supply Chain, Front Line Supervision, Executive Leadership (Management), Educational Building Leadership, Educational District Level Leadership, Transitional Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development.  


My experiences and skills can work to help you, and/or your organization, develop Excellence in the areas of:


  • Leadership

  • Operations

  • Education

  • Staff Development

  • Personal Development

  • Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Relationship Building



Small Business Owner

Manufacturing Industry Roles

Vice President of North American Operations

Operational Excellence Chair (Global)

General Manager

Order Fulfillment Manager

Materials Manager

Production Supervision

Inventory Control

School District Leader

School Building Leader

K - 12 Classroom Instructor

College Level Adjunct Instructor 

Bachelors Programs

Masters Programs

Doctoral Programs

K - 12 Athletic Director

K - 12 Athletic Coach

Non - Profit Board of Director Member


Professional Educators Certification

Building Level Leadership Certification

District Level Leadership Certification

Doctorate of Education

Masters of Education

Bachelors of Science - Business Administration

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